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The AI-Proctor

A Necessary Ingredient for Credible Online Certificates!

  • Ensures credibility of exams results
  • Very easy to use by both instructors and students
  • Works with any examination portal!
  • Minimal traffic to work even with weak internet connections
  • Real time monitoring and detailed final reports for all suspicious activities by students
  • Uses face recognition speech detection to ensure in class exam similar experience
  • Works even with internet disconnections, and can recover from power outage!
  • White list for programs and websites allowed for students
  • Encryption for all the communication between student’s machine and the server
  • And many other practical features ...

Real-Time Monitoring

During the exam, the instructor will be notified, in real time, with any suspicious activity by the exam takers.

The instructor can chat in real time with the student. He can also remove the student permanently from the exam using the real time monitoring dashboard.

Browser’s monitoring

If the student opened any websites other than the exam’s website even in a new window or a new tab, the AI Proctor will notify the instructor in real-time with a screenshot of the student activity, and the website she is trying to access. When the exam ends, the instructor will receive a full detailed report with all opened websites, and when they were opened. A short video for the every cheating activity will be sent to the instructor along with the report.

An unauthorized program

If the exam taker opens or switches to an already opened program (like a pdf reader), the instructor will be notified immediately with a screen-shot of the opened program. The instructor will also receive a full report with the cheating activities and a short video for each of them.

Be close to your students

The instructor can see a list of the online students, and the offlines students. She/He can click on the name of any online student and can stream his screen and camera. This gives an unprecedented feeling of control of the proctoring process.

Works even with Internet disconnections and power outage

If the Internet is disconnected at a certain student's place, the system caches all cheating events and sends them to the instructor once the connection is restored. Cheating events are encrypted and stored until the Internet is retrieved. Advanced techniques are used to verify no fraud activities are done by offline students. If a student suffers from power outage, the AI-Proctor will send the reports once the computer is opened again.

Exam web address is safe!

The exam page opens automatically by the AI Proctoring system in incognito mode, and in full screen. If the exam taker tries to escape the full screen to see the check the URL, the AI-Proctor will enforce the browser to switch to full screen mode again.

Face verification

The AI-Proctor opens the exam only after facial verification. The student uploads his picture during registration, and it is used in all his exams to make sure he doesn't leave the examination place.

Human speech detection

The AI-Proctor continuously checks the microphone to make sure the examination place has no one speaking. It will not be confused with other sounds like music or fan sound!

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What are the main benefits of using the system?

  • The AI-Proctor can be configured to work with any examination or quizzes portal.
  • A macro-proctoring mode to monitor the rest of the examination room using Jitsi open source tool is integrated within the system. Currently, the monitoring is human assistant.
  • No need for any special hardware to proctoring. You only need the already used cam for Zoom.
  • The students are also allowed to access “ a white list” of websites and programs that the instructor can configure.
  • The date and time of exam are shown at the students' browser add-on.
  • The system reminds the student 5 mins and 1 mins before the exam ends.
  • When the exam ends, the browser automatically closes and detailed cheating videos are sent to the instructor.
  • The system consists of a browser add-on to monitor browser activity, and an application to monitor out of browser activities.
  • Instructor adds students to a class easily by their emails. They can be added one by one or as a list.
  • When the exam starts, the system closes all browser windows and opens the exam's webpage in full-screen mode.
  • The system detects changing the microphone, turning off the camera, or running within a virtual machine.
  • A lecture attendance mode exists, with reports suitable for lecture attendance.